About Us

Neauties began as an ongoing family effort to live healthy and in tune with nature. Natural recipes and healthy living have always been a part of our family life. It continues to be commonplace to keep abreast of new research dealing with healthy living. Health magazines, healthy cookbooks, and the like have always been in our midst.

We, as well as many, have been concerned about our health and what we are putting in our bodies, but it occurred to us that what we put on our porous skin is just as important. Reading the labels for makeup and other skin care products convinced us that too many are loaded with preservatives and chemicals. Like us, more and more of you are becoming aware of the products you use, and we all want ingredients we can pronounce or are at least familiar with.

In the beginning, our lip gloss recipe was used exclusively by our family. Word spread to our extended family and friends who began requesting to buy it. These event led to the birth of Neauties. The name is a combination of natural and beauty ~ "Neauties." We are sharing our special formula with you as a personal friend, not just a consumer. We value the fact that we are providing you with a product made of the finest ingredients possible. In fact, our mission is to provide products that are natural, preservative free, and good for your skin. All of Neauties' lip glosses are handmade per order by us, not machines, and are never tested an animals ~ Neauties is proud to be cruelty-free!

Neauties started as a family business and is still family-owned today. Now, our products are sold around the globe. Our extended growth has enabled us to reach out and help other families through charities such as St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, other charity hospitals, Habitat for Humanity, and global causes, just to name a few. As we continue to grow, our goal is to touch as many people and causes as possible while creating and providing products you can trust and believe in.

We sincerely thank you for taking time out to read about our history and our goals. Now, go out and show your Neauties... your Natural Beauty!

Stay healthy, stay in tune, keep your spirit high. Best wishes, from our family to yours!
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